Academy admission test

Training provider

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Course title

Training in preparation of the Admission test - Accademia di Belle Arti – Lessons aimed at the admission test in order to successfully find your way through it:

Aptitude tests or workshop – Aptitude and motivational interview – Art History and General Culture Portfolio.

Three-year course

Course teacher and qualification

Ambra Ticci and Maurizio Sampieri, Diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) of Perugia. Professor assistants.

Course period

The workshop will include a scheduled period of lessons during the student’s training period in 2016-2017. Days: Friday or Saturday

Total number of course hours

80 hours.

40 sessions lasting 2 hours each.

Course location

Siena, Via Fontebranda 69, Interno 2.

Price of the course

80 hours - € 1200

40 hours - € 600

A folder will be provided containing the materials requested by the Academies for their workshop admission tests. The price includes some consumables.

Materials required for the portfolio activity: all participants have to bring their own PC, digital camera or iPhone.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued with an evaluation of the student.

Min. and max. number of participants

Minimum: 1 student.

Maximum: 5 students.

Short description of the course

The Admission test is organised into two sets of questions aimed at verifying both the participants’ basic knowledge and that of the topics pertaining to subjects studied in Italy’s secondary school: workshop or aptitude test – aptitude and motivational interview – General culture.

In the registration form, the students shall fill in the academic destination, indicating the course department.

During this course, we shall analyse the preparation requested by the Academies of Fine Arts, along with some admission tests for accessing their art courses, especially focusing on the specific topic of the subject of interest, for example, painting, sculpture, decoration, scenography, design, etc.

"Come il ferro in disuso arrugginisce, così l'inazione sciupa l'intelletto." (Leonardo da Vinci)